Commercial Pressure Washing

concrete-power-washingWhen is the last time you saw the real color of your sidewalks or exterior? If you can’t remember the color then you need to call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning Services by Bell for commercial power washing.

Rain, snow, wind and excess leaves can litter your facilities sidewalks, walkways and parking lots. This can cause soil and dirt to become trapped within the rough edges of the concrete causing it to be discolored. Power washing is a great way to remove any dirt, moss, algae and any other stains that make your building and concrete look discolored and dingy.

We use heavy-duty commercial pressure washers to remove the layers of soil effectively and efficiently. The dirt, algae and moss that is on your building can eventually eat into those surfaces and make the surface slippery and potentially dangerous.

There are many advantages to pressure washing including:

  • It is a safe and reliable method for keeping the exterior of your facility clean since it only uses water without any harsh chemical products.
  • It is cost effective and does not require certifications or specialized training
  • The only equipment needed is the pressure washer

To have your building looks its best on the outside, call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning Services by Bell today for a free estimate.